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iRehearse is a phrase trainer designed to help musicians learn, practice and transcribe tracks
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24 July 2009

Editor's review

iRehearse 1.0 is an adept phrase trainer software tailored for aiding musicians to practice, learn, and transcribe different tracks. It comprises of several features that you can find in hardware models, in addition to helping you to take advantage of entire music stored with your Mac or PC. The program assists you in knowing what’s being played, and what is exactly happening in the big drum fill or the screaming solo. Using the utility, you can get rid of repetitive re-tuning of your instrument for practicing a track tuned as semi-tone down. The program features looping, tempo adjustment, pitch shifting, audio EQ, and supports playing all standard audio formats.

The iRehearse interface has been structured in a manner as to imitate a hardware device, which makes its environments much familiar for the musicians. It comprises of upper section displaying file info with audio wavelength, along with Transport, Tempo, Loop, Pitch, Output, and menu placed over it. Using play controls provided within ‘Transport’ box you can play the file to begin the learning process. Moving on, the ‘Tempo’ feature allows you to control your track’s speed without requiring any adjustments in pitch. You can easily slow down a specific section of the song and listen carefully to every note much clearly. Similarly, using Pitch you can control track’s pitch with no changes in speed. Where for some tracks you require tuning down your guitar by one semi-tone, with iRehearse you can simply tune up song by one semi-tone and play it in normal tuning. Loop has been provided to lets you mark and play a particular region of the track. It even allows you to save loops by exporting current player settings for reloading them later again. For your practicing it supports playing entire standard audio formats, and even video songs. Moreover, with Output column, you can adjust bass, treble, master, and balance for listening convenience.

iRehearse 1.0 software can assist musicians in learning to play every note of any audio track, with its effective features. For its sophisticated feature-set and incredible performance, the utility has been deservingly awarded with a score of 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Ever struggled to hear what is being played in your favourite song? Ever wondered what exactly is happening during that screaming solo or big drum fill? Ever had to re-tune your instrument to practice that one track that is tuned a semi-tone down? iRehearse is here to help! iRehearse is a software phrase trainer designed to help musicians learn, practice and transcribe tracks. Featuring looping, pitch shifting, tempo adjustment and audio EQ.
The interface of iRehearse is designed to mimic a hardware device, making it a more familiar environment for a musician. So you won't need to be a computer genius to find your way around.
Control the tempo (speed) of your track without adjusting the pitch. This means you can slow down a particular section of a song (the big solo for example) and hear each note more clearly. And as the pitch has not changed, you can still play along too!
Ever tried to play along with 'Welcome to the Jungle'? You'll need to tune your guitar down one semi-tone. Alternatively, you could just tune the song up one semi-tone using iRehearse and play in normal tuning! iRehearse allows you to change tuning by semi-tone up and down two whole octaves (12 semi-tones = one octave). It also allows fine tuning using cents (100 cents = one semi-tone).
iRehearse allows you to mark a specific region of a track and play just that section. You can also select if you wish to play this section just once or repeat it over and over again. Ideal for practising that long drum fill or guitar solo.
Varied File Formats (incl. video):
iRehearse will play all of your standard audio formats like MP3 or Wave, however it can also load other formats. Do you have a video of a song you wish to learn? iRehearse can play that too! iRehearse uses Apple Quicktime to handle the playback of your tracks and as a result can play almost every format that Quicktime can.
Version 1.0
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User comments

This is a fantastic tool. After using it myself I bought 2 other copies for friends. I would give it 5 stars but you can`t record from it. Licensing issues and not the developer`s fault, I know, but it is the only thing holding this superb app down.
This aside, it`s an invaluable practice and learning tool.
If you are a musician you need this app.
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